Colts allow 9 sacks in most pathetic display against New England in some time and it may be time to DEFINITELY NOT START TANKING *wink* (short post game thoughts)

9 sacks allowed. I’m trying to wrap my head around that number. Matt Judon and Josh Uche each had 3 sacks and did so in an effortless fashion. It’s across the board on the Colts offense. Absolutely nothing is getting traction here and it’s beginning to look like the Indianapolis Colts are heading towards cleaning house and getting on with a new era in Indianapolis. While I would hate to see the Reich or Ballard era end in such failure, having to subject myself to being a fan of what I witnessed today was truly an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. The matchup between the Indianapolis offensive line and the Patriot defensive line really looked like Alabama (or Georgia) defensive line mauling a Division III offensive line. It was pretty embarrassing to see a unit so dejected.

While many, myself included, thought that another week with Ehlinger would result in some semblance of an offense taking the field, no such thing happened. The Indianapolis Colts rolled into New England and were unable to get anything going as the New England Defense had their way with the Colts offense.

I knew the Colts were in for a long, long day when Ehlinger’s best pass of the day immediately got called back for a Braden Smith hold. While it could be easy to put a lot on Sam here, he is in a less than ideal position for any QB to make their debut in, behind a less than ideal offensive line to make that debut behind.

The Colts offensive line may be the most embarrassing facet of any team in the NFL at this point (save for Cleveland rolling out Watson here soon). They are setting back the potential pay days of offensive lineman moving forward in the league here. As the highest paid offensive line in the league, the Indianapolis Colts aren’t really showing that such an investment pays off in the win column. This Indianapolis Colts offensive line is on pace to give astronomical sack numbers on the season, already giving up nearly double the sacks Phillip endured here in just 9 games.

Colts offensive line continues to be criminally terrible.

A total net yardage of 43 passing yards, when you negate all the sacks. That is an astoundingly abysmal number. It was embarrassing how inadequate every part of this offense looked. I wish I could highlight what aspects need worked on here. But you don’t have offensive performances netting 43 total yards without absolutely EVERYTHING being broken. And how’s the man tasked with fixing that broken offense?

Well, Frank Reich looks lifeless on the sideline. It is just unreal how different he looks when compared to his first few seasons with the team. He looks like a husk of a coach at this point. The rutterless offense has no one else for the blame to fall to now. With Marcus Brady out, this offense looked even worse. Just not a whole lot other than pseudo inspirational postgame excuses from Reich yet again here. I’m beginning to think the Colts front office may just think the fan base is dumb enough to be satiated by some of his answers in the post game pressers. I’m sick of the empty excuses.

This franchise is absolutely lost and with such a tough schedule remaining I don’t see much of this turning around by the end of the season. I’m as hopeful as the next person, but at this point what does winning a few games do for us but just give us work picks come draft time.

While I say the franchise is currently lost, our defense is playing Super Bowl caliber ball. Each of those playmakers on that side of the ball has every right to be openly frustrated with everyone else in the building, offense, special teams. and front office.

I love the Colts and the Colts fanbase. But this is truly a low point for us, and I thought we had hit that last year losing to Jacksonville. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get this team back on track. I have a feeling that it may take some losing in order to get in line for a franchise QB. The only problem even with that, is I would NEVER want to roll him out behind this broken offensive line. The Colts did that to Andrew, they could not allow history to repeat itself if given the opportunity.

With the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, Chargers, and Vikings all still remaining on the Colts schedule, I just don’t see where this offense gets many wins moving forward. While I would say let’s focus on development, but until our line can give the offense more than half a second to develop, we will be unable to get the ball to the players we want to see develop.

So while it looks like Ballard has built a championship Caliber defense, the offense lends one to think the writing may soon be on the wall for the Indianapolis Colts. I understand down seasons are necessary to winning in today’s NFL. It may be time for us to start “DEFINITELY NOT TANKING” and gearing up to draft a potential franchise QB.

Thanks for taking the time to ready these few short thoughts of one Colts fan. Have a great week and let’s hope the Colts aren’t as hard to watch next week in Las Vegas.

Down with the Raiders.

For the Shoe!


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