Frank Reich is out. What now Colts fans? (Short thoughts)

Well, after the most abysmal offensive display that my eyes have been subjected to in some time, Frank Reich is out as Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

You can’t say you didn’t see it coming. I am just happy that Irsay had the ability to pull the trigger here. This was the first head coach that Jim Irsay fired midway through a season in his 25 years of ownership. From a fan’s perspective Irsay often has the abilities to support his coaches to a fault, and in what has been a season full of “final straws” it is almost refreshing to see that our owner is able to make the tough calls if the direction of the franchise is at stake.

This absolutely had to be done. Frank Reich has been granted every puzzle piece he’s asked for in trying to get a championship squad making postseason runs, and he has failed to deliver at each step. I truly think he is a great offensively minded coach, but he has been unable to establish an offensive identity when that is why we brought him into Indianapolis in the first place.

As unfortunate as this is, for the sake of the Colts it had to be done. Frank Reich has been a broken record of “I have to do better” since having stuck out his neck for Carson Wentz had blown up in his face, and that only continued into Matt Ryan’s arrival in Indianapolis. Each time he thought he had all the pieces, he has been unable to focus those pieces and get the best product from the sun of the Indianapolis Colts roster.

Because by all measures, this Colts team has talent. There is no reason that this team should be as rudderless and void of any identity, as they are. The product that Frank put out each week couldn’t possibly been reflective of the talent we had. I can’t remember one game where the Colts handled a significantly inferior opponent as they should have. Each game seemed to be a fight for our lives, and often times he would make the wrong call in those occasions.

So what do the Colts need next? We need to bring in a coach with the ability to get an offense going, someone who will inject an identity in a program that has claimed to be a quarterback away for half a decade. In my personal and very unprofessional opinion, Mike Kafka the New York Giants offensive coordinator could be a great option to replace Frank Reich in Indianapolis.

Time to start shopping.

After being Andy Reid’s quarterback coach to start the Mahomes era, working his way through the franchise and earning pass-game coordinator responsibilities. He then was offered the offensive coordinator position under NFL coach of the year front runner Brian Daboll. He has established a smash mouth offense in New York, built around a strong run game, while also getting the most out of his less than spectacular quarterback. While there are more well known names out there, I think Kafka would be a great option to take a flyer out on.

All in all, the Frank Reich era comes to a disappointing end. While a firing is usually a terrible occasion, I can’t help but feel a little hope for what the future of the program holds. I’m a ignorant optimist, so I can’t help but think that this is the start of our next great chapter. It’s a new day in Indy. Let’s get to rebuilding this thing and back to competing regularly.

For the Shoe!


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