Colts tank. Saturday repairs a broken offensive line and hands them off to a new head coach and rookie QB. (Opinion)

While the Indianapolis Colts entered the season with an expectation to perform and compete in route to claiming the AFC South, they have consistently failed to perform, providing a weaker and weaker offensive product each week. It has been impossible for the offensive line to provide any of Indianapolis’ offensive playmakers the time necessary to have sustainable drives. 9 sacks in a game is an alarming statistic, that really puts into perspective the glaring weakness of the Colts right now.

This season the offense is falling more and more off the rails each week. What Colts fans thought was a slow start, was just the season’s standard so far. So while the Colts seam to be trending towards less than mediocre, there needs to be a change in order to salvage what we can in this talented roster for next season.

Jeff Saturday has been a great analyst since his retirement. Jeff Saturday has also been coaching Hebron Christian Academy. What he hasn’t been doing is coaching at the college or professional level. For those unaware, that means the current head coach of the Indianapolis Colts has zero professional coaching experience. That is an absolutely outrageous premise. There is an industry in which 1 of the 32 highest regarded positions is filled by someone with none of the experience necessary for that position. Jim Irsay offered several reasons for hiring Saturday, but my favorite had to be Irsay discussing how he’s grateful Irsay doesn’t have experience:

“I’m glad he doesn’t have any NFL experience. I’m glad he hasn’t learned the fear that’s in this league because it’s tough for all our coaches. They’re afraid, they go to analytics, and it gets difficult. … He doesn’t have that fear.”

-Jim Irsay (via: The Score)

That is a wild quote from our owner. But hey, it’s Jim’s team, I just follow it to a pseudo-religious extent. It’s his to do with as he pleases, and while I initially hated the choice, the further removed we get, the more my brain is spinning with what this could mean down the line. Maybe Jim Irsay is a mad genius, maybe he’s playing 4D chess with this Jeff Saturday choice.

I mean it really doesn’t make sense to bring Jeff Saturday in if the Colts weren’t committed to the tank in this one. I love Jeff Saturday, one of my all time favorite Colts for holding down the offensive line that protected the best player the Colts have ever had, but without Frank Reich or Marcus Brady, there is no one to call the offense. Jeff Saturday doesn’t know this playbook or the plays the Colts have been running. So why do it other than to tank here?

While it’s illegal to tank in the NFL… prove it. While Irsay could commit in the tank with the head coach he was to choose, he could also simultaneously pick someone that could potentially help this team address the Colts most glaring weakness heading into next season.

Our offensive line is terrible right now, downright broken. It is also the highest paid offensive line. Long story short, good luck unloading those contracts. So if this is our investment, it’s time to protect it, and in turn protect your quarterback. Jeff Saturday could come in and help address some of the issues on the offensive line. Because while I will say I don’t know what Jeff Saturday knows about coaching in the NFL, I do know Jeff Saturday knows a thing or two about an offensive line.

So maybe Jeff Saturday can assist this lineman room in salvaging our investment and getting the protection ready for a quarterback to step into and fill.

We’ve tried the free agent QB route. Hasn’t worked.

And no… I don’t mean hope that an aging veteran swoops in to save us. With the schedule that the Indianapolis Colts still have to face, tanking shouldn’t come to hard. Meaning that the Colts could be in a position to draft a young QB. A young QB to potentially build the franchise around.

The problem with that is the same problem the Colts had with Andrew Luck’s first years in the NFL. If we are going to be in a position to get a playmaking QB in the draft, we need to have an offensive line to protect him. If we are unable to unload this squad and piecemeal a protective squad together due to the cap space the offensive line has claimed, the best option is to commit to salvaging this unit. Possibly the reasoning for the Jeff Saturday pick.

With the promise of a high draft pick the Colts could look to be a promising landing spot for any potential new head coach. Meaning once the season is over, the Colts can find a new head coach to hand a (hopefully) improved offensive line and promising rookie quarterback to be the face of the franchise moving forward.

I know this piece may sound like it has a few backflips in logic, but the Colts just hired Jeff Saturday as head coach, so backflips in logic were necessary. I love Jeff as much as the next Colts fan, but if he hasn’t been brought in by Irsay to attempt to salvage this offensive line while also not threatening to win too many games (and sure up that draft pick), I don’t know what he is doing in Indianapolis.

Thank you for reading these short thoughts of an Indianapolis Colts fanboy. Have a great day Colts fans.

Down with the Raiders (but maybe not really?! I don’t know!!!)

For the shoe!


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