Buckeyes will look to show out and Hoosier Football is Pain. (Ohio State-Indiana really short pregame thoughts)

What can be said heading into Indiana’s upcoming game at Ohio State University? Vegas has Ohio State as a 40 point favorite. That is just downright program definingly embarrassing. I have had so much unwarranted faith in the Indiana Hoosiers, but alas, I have finally run out. So while I could sit here and write about how the Hoosiers could hope to beat the Buckeyes, I can’t find it in this one.

The Indiana Hoosiers have no protection and I don’t expect them to find it here. Whether it’s Bazelak, Sorsby, Williams, whoever it is under center on Saturday, they are in extreme danger. They are going to be under pressure from start to finish in this one. No way around it. Our offensive protection is a genuine liability to the safety of whoever is under center. I just don’t see how Indiana’s offensive line would somehow put it together against a vastly more talented Ohio State defensive front.

Ohio State is going to be wanting to really make a statement here. They muscled one out in a downpour in Evanston last weekend and it was a really ugly drag out battle. I fully expect Marvin Harrison Jr., C.J. Stroud, and the Buckeyes high caliber offense to put out a highlight reel. They didn’t like running a hampered game like they had to against Northwestern. If Mother Nature isn’t a Hoosier fan, the Buckeyes will look to rip off their governor and let the horses run against the Hoosier defense.

Ohio State’s personnel will be by far the most talented the Hoosiers have faced yet. I wish I could discuss who may be able to step up to produce for the Indiana Hoosiers in this one, but that would take the line providing any protection. At this point in time

All you can hope for as a Hoosier fan in this one is for some of our younger players to get some playing time. It would take a series of miracles to take place for this one to be competitive. Until our offensive line is addressed this team is broken (just like my Colts). While many in the Indiana fanbase are calling for OC Walt Bell’s job, I honestly can’t bring myself to do it yet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen his offense because he’s never had the time to show it. With the current state of this offensive line, anything other than a planned HB dive is going to be impeded before it can be ran to fruition.

This season seems entirely lost at this point and unfortunately it looks like there is currently no remedy to be found in Bloomington. A 40 pt spread really puts into perspective just where the Hoosiers sit in the Big Ten. 40 points is actually exactly what the spread was for Alabama and Vanderbilt. The prime example for “what is that team doing in that conference?” and the Hoosiers are right there in the basement with them.

But hey it’s basketball season, so I’d say it’s getting to be passed time for this Hoosier to shift his focus onto the basketball program. Of course I wish that I could just not watch, but of course I am going to.

It would be nice to get to recap this game Saturday and write the story of a competitive showing for the Indiana Hoosiers here, but I’m afraid that it may read more like an obituary. I’ll send the prayers up and hope the blessings come down for the Hoosiers. I’m riding with Indiana Football until I die. Just fully prepared for the worst.

Lux et veritas,


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