Notre Dame looking to carry momentum into a quick one against Navy (short pregame thoughts)

Disclaimer: the following words are those written by a Notre Dame Irish fanboy, and subject to extreme bias and ignorant optimism.

Now while one could read “a quick one” as the competitive nature of this game ending quickly into it, I literally mean a quick game. With a Drew Pyne led Notre Dame facing off against Navy this will be a running clock for 60 minutes. With both of these teams currently known for the run, I wouldn’t expect to many shots downfield resulting in clock stoppage. If Navy wants to go Mano y Mano and face off with the run games, I’m afraid they may be out of luck. The nasty smash mouth football team that beat Clemson will absolutely decimate the Midshipmen if they come out with the same vigor they showed last weekend.

If you ask me (I know you didn’t), last Saturday’s Notre Dame victory over Clemson was a mass exorcism of all the demons that have plagued this program this year. Whatever you think about Marcus Freeman, he just delivered the Notre Dame fanbase the most impressive victory it has seen is some time. If the Notre Dame team that left the field against Clemson storms into Navy it is going to be a long and painful day for the Midshipmen.

Heading into Saturday the Irish are sitting at -16.5. By all measure, Notre Dame should go in and handle business. While I would be nervous on the heels of the Marshall or Stanford performances this season. At this point in the season the Notre Dame fighting Irish are far more reliable, far more dependable, and far more nasty than they were earlier. Marcus Freeman and the reignited Irish need to beat the Midshipmen with extreme prejudice. If the Irish can continue putting dominant performances on film, that just means a better bowl game for Notre Dame.

The offensive production by Notre Dame will be on the shoulders (as it is in most) of the offensive line. The Notre Dame big uglies were absolutely dominant against a highly touted Clemson defensive line. The Irish offensive line was able to dictate the line and open up highways for the Notre Dame ground game to gouge them for 263 rushing yards. That’s all thanks to this offensive line figuring it out and putting together what may have been the most dominant displays of protection that this Clemson team will come across. It Notre Dame can put on the same performance they put on against a Clemson defensive front with plenty of NFL talent, look out.

If the Notre Dame offensive line comes out and matches half the intensity they delivered against Clemson, the Midshipmen will not stand a chance. With the over/under set at 40 Vegas fully expects the clock to be running. I fully expect a dominant showing from our running backs. Don’t expect to see much passing from Drew Pyne in this one, because I don’t expect to need much passing from Drew Pyne in this one. Then again even Pyne is showing off some of his legs now and getting more involved.

Defensively, the Irish were relentless last week and I fully expect this to continue into the game with Navy. Notre Dame held Clemson to absolutely nothing until they let up a bit towards the end of that last one. The box score of Notre Dame’s . I’m looking for Benjamin Morrison’s dominant performance last week to ride into another impressive performance. When our secondary and defensive front are both firing like they were last week, yards come few and far between against the Irish. I don’t expect Navy to present to many problems for Isaiah Foskey and company.

As for Special Teams… what are the Midshipmen going to do to stop the most dominant unit in football right now. Brian Mason is looking like a genius right now! He has the Special Teams unit playing miraculously. The Irish have had 5 blocked punts in the last 4 games, while leading the nation with six total. While a nation leading six is impressive, 5 in 4 games is just downright ludicrous. The special teams personnel are flying each and every chance they get on the field. Amazing to see. Fully expect to see the tenacity carry into the bout with Navy.

It was great to see Marcus Freeman let loose following the Clemson game. There was a weight lifted off of his shoulders in that one. Now that he’s got a great win under his belt and the Fighting Irish have momentum, I’m excited to see what he can get to building now that their seems to have been a massive amount of pressure taken off of him. There’s always going to be pressure as head coach of Notre Dame, comes with the territory. Just good to see Marcus Freeman get his head above water here! Heading into Navy, I fully intend for Marcus not to let the Notre Dame Fighting Irish momentum slip away.

Look for Marcus Freeman to have a tank full of swagger of the tail of the best victory Notre Dame has had in years, a better win than Kelly may have ever had. This game has breathed life into a head coaching tenure that after starting with such high expectations, fell flat to start. Good to see Marcus Freeman get some energy and let loose, that trickles down into the team. I don’t expect Marcus Freeman to lose the momentum of this Clemson Victory Saturday.

We are back ND fans. We will not end up in the CFP by any means, but the Clemson game was a really great victory that can lead to great things to come. I know I may still be riding the high of the most significant Notre Dame victory in a decade or more, but I’m looking for and fully expecting the Irish to head into their clash with Navy and handle their business. The fanbase is alive, our offense is alive, Notre Dame Football is alive. Despite the disastrous losses this season has had, ND is hot. Let’s ride this out.

Thanks for reading these biased and often ignorantly optimistic views of mine! I take over the flyoverwire Twitter account from time to time when the Irish are playing. Give us a follow @Flyoverwire

Have a great day Irish fans!

Play like an absolute champ,

Big Red.

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