Indiana Football facing Michigan State to play for an old spitter… (Indiana Football pregame short thoughts)

3-7 Indiana vs. 5-5 Michigan State. So while the Hoosiers don’t have much of anything but pride to play for, the Michigan State Spartans are very much looking to come out and continue their way towards a potential bowl appearance. With more to lose on the line, I expect the Spartans to come out of the gate and desperately look put it on the already down trodden Hoosiers.

The Hoosiers have been down bad. In my personal and unprofessional opinion, the Hoosiers can still win this one. While nothing they’ve put on tape recently should make me feel this way, I can’t help but hold out hope that we can spoil Michigan State’s Saturday and go home with the old spit pot.

I’m praying for Dexter Williams II to show off his legs a bit more and scrap and claw for every second behind the porous Indiana offensive line. Every week I write these pregames, and every week I feel like I’m writing the same thing. The offensive line’s poor performance has been the most recognizable aspect of the Hoosiers this season, made very apparent by the mid season firing of the line coach. Since the departure, the Hoosiers’ line has only continued to let down their playmakers. Giving them less than efficient time for any plays to develop and come to fruition.

I do like that the Hoosiers have moved on and are giving Dexter Williams snaps to develop. This season is down the tubes. Time to flush and move on. Time to look to build a squad fit to perform at a clip better than we’ve seen this season. Let him get real game reps. Let him get experience behind this line, and if it doesn’t irreversibly ruin his confidence, he should only receive better protection next season. I mean IT CAN NOT GET WORSE RIGHT?! RIGHT?!?!

The Cam Camper injury has left Indiana with a massive loss in production. Unable to find someone to step up and make up for the big play yards lost with Cam’s absence, the Hoosier offense has been unable to find a consistent way to methodically get down the field and test the opposing red zone defense. As for who the Hoosiers can lean on in this one, it’s time for a hero to make himself known.

As for our defense, that Ohio State game really took it out of them. The Hoosiers defense came into this season with some expectations. With Taiwan Mullen and the secondary returning, they were touted to be a highly regarded unit. While making some highlight plays here and there throughout the season, they have been absolutely gouged in their most recent outings. Again writing on this unit I point to the same lone bright spot. Dasan McCullough. The Freshman All-American is fun to watch even in our biggest losses. He has a bloodhound’s nose for the ball, and if we can convince him not to leave and compete for the top accolades and titles in College Football, he will be a staple of this program.

Michigan State is currently sitting at 10.5 pt favorites in this game. While that line isn’t too large, if I were a betting man, you’d find me hard pressed to bet against one team playing for a bowl, while their opponents are playing not to embarrass themselves to end the season. In the Battle for the Old Brass Spittoon, the Big Ten’s most disgusting trophy, Sparty is playing for much more than Indiana. This factor of motivation could lead to quite a performance from the Michigan State team.

I know these thoughts may read a bit all over the place, but I can only find so many ways to write the same thing week in and week out for these Hoosiers. Not since week 3 was I able to write much to the credit of Tom Allen and company. I love this squad and I think Tom Allen is a great Head Coach. As for defensive play caller and being a friend to a fault, Tom could use some work. A great head coach puts people around him that help him succeed. I’m looking for a massive overhaul of Allen’s staff to address the shortcomings of this team. While Tom Allen won’t be fired with that massive buyout, a systemic change will be seen as necessary heading into next season.

Thank you for reading these short thoughts of a Hoosier fanboy. While we are limping to the finish line in Bloomington, the horizon that is the upcoming basketball season should give any Hoosier fan a reason to smile.

Please beat the Spartans!!!



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