The Eagles look to ruin Irish Senior Day (Notre Dame-Boston College short pregame thoughts)

It’s Senior Day as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are hosting their rivals and brothers in Christ, the Boston College Eagles Saturday.

Heading into this Boston College matchup the Fighting Irish are going to be looking to address yet another speed bump in the offense due to Notre Dame’s, Marcus Freeman’s , or Rees’ inability to adjust at the half. When Navy started sending the house in the second half, the Irish had no counter response. It led to a stuck in the mud performance. One so bad, Navy was nearly able to pull off the incredible comeback after being down 35-13 at the half.

Closing out a game with a half of scoreless football is a testament of inadequacy in today’s college game. That was an exhaustingly strenuous half to watch as a fan. Whenever Navy was sending the heavy blitz (which was most plays), the Irish were unable to respond. Whether it is shorter routes, Audric Estime roll forwards, whatever it is. Make an adjustment to quicker developing plays. It cannot be that easy right? Otherwise Tommy Rees would have surely fixed it… Right?!

Heading into this matchup with the Boston College Eagles I fully expect Isaiah Foskey to take advantage of a battered Boston College offensive line. With 3 starters out from the beginning of the season, Their offensive line is currently one of the worst in the nation. Allowing the most sacks per game in FBS ball. There is no reason the Fighting Irish defensive front doesn’t make it an absolutely nightmarish day for either Phil Jurkovec or Emmett Morehead.

Speaking of the current QB situation at Boston College… Phil Jurkovec has been out since a knee injury but may be good to go against Notre Dame this Saturday. You could understand how the ex-Notre Dame player would be looking for revenge in this one. The only thing in his way is the come from behind performance that Emmett Morehead led against #16 NC State. Whoever is the man under center, I fully expect the Irish defensive front to get in the backfield with extreme prejudice against this wounded offensive line.

On the back of that consistent pressure I’m hoping that Benjamin Morrison and the Notre Dame secondary can swipe a takeaway or two. While turnovers may not necessarily be a key in this one, any momentum boost heading into the USC game is going to be welcomed by this Irish fan.

As for the Irish offense, go out and outmuscle this Boston College defense. Notre Dame should absolutely be able to dominate this game at the line of scrimmage. If the Irish come out firing as they did against Navy, Boston College will be handing over yards in bunches. Even Pyne looked competent in that first half going 5 for 7 and 86 yards on one phenomenal drive. If that can carry over and not be hampered by mid game adjustments made by Boston College I will be excited to see the wide receivers can continue to exhibit their skill and look to hopefully tantalize a wondering recruit out there. Quick side tangent, the fans are dying for an arm in South Bend, the absence of which has always been a mystery of the universe to me. Why haven’t we been able to get a top QB? Am I so blind to the lack of interest in our program? Whatever it is, how much longer can it continue?

Look for the running game to take precedent here. For some reason, Tommy Rees looked to take the ball out of Audric’s hands in the second half against Navy. Which doesn’t make much sense to me. Against these less talented and less massive sides, the Notre Dame offensive front should be able to fall forward and have Audric rumble, bumble, and stumble through for at least 5 yards a play. Just RTDB all day against this Eagles squad.

Audric’s a beast. Let him work.

If Clemson and North Carolina can win out until they face off for the ACC title, Notre Dame stands to have some very impressive wins under its belt come the end of the season. When all is said and done if the Irish can appropriately handle their business against the Boston College Eagles they could be vying for a substantial bowl game. While they have had their share of bad losses, the Irish will have some very nice wins (even if the Irish haters would have you believe otherwise), with the best potential yet to come. If the Irish finish strong, a substantial bowl game (of course not CFP) would be huge for the motivation of this program heading into Marcus’ second season. Here’s hoping Notre Dame can figure out how to get these weapons on the offense firing consistently and dependably before the season’s end.

All in all, I’m looking forward to see how the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will respond to all the questions posed by their lackluster half in Annapolis. Marcus Freeman is going to need to have these guys ready and prepared to handle their business, and garner some swagger heading into the deathmatch with the Trojans. Even with our record being what it is, there is still a lot to be excited about this year Irish fans. If you’re in attendance on Saturday, give our seniors some love from this guy!

Thank you for taking the time to read these short thoughts of a Notre Dame fan. Have a great day Irish fans and down with BC!

-Big Red

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