Hoosiers can call this weekend a success following their victory over Miami. (Really short postgame thoughts)

The Indiana Hoosiers wrapped up one of the more competent weekends of basketball that we’ve seen in a while from the Indiana Hoosiers. With their impressively dominant 86-56 win over Miami (OH) the Hoosiers have continued their hot start to a 4-0 record. The Hoosiers gained some favor with the gamblers in this one, covering the spread in which they were 27.5 favorites. This Indiana Hoosier offense was able to put a bow on the most pleasant gift you could give a fan of this program, 2 incredibly competent and expected wins. While it is always great to win those games you never thought you had a chance in, championship squads go out and handle weaker competition with severe prejudice. Following an impressive away with at Xavier, with one day of rest at that!, the Hoosiers were able to get it done.

It’s a great time to be a Hoosier fan.

Indiana was led once again by our captain throughout this one. Trayce Jackson-Davis continues to amaze me with the attitude he has brought to this season. It truly looks like Trayce has added a killer instinct that wasn’t lacking entirely, it just failed to be a persistent presence. He’s got a swagger to him that is beginning to resonate throughout this unit. Trayce set the tone for the Hoosiers tonight with his incredibly impressive 17 points, 16 rebounds, and 3 assist stat line. All while taking it easy on the legs with 25 minutes logged. Great performance in his time on the court!

Xavier Johnson was critical to Indiana’s win over the Musketeers on Friday night. Burdened with far less of the production load against the Redhawks, Xavier dished the ball well. He also continued to show off, what I’m beginning to think is an improved jumper, as he ended 7 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. The senior continues to show his improved offensive reliability this season.

With Jalen’s scoring output against Xavier, you could see he had something behind his eyes heading into the Miami game. He was looking to improve on his prior poor night by posting a 12 point, 5 rebound and 2 assist stat line. His superior size also proved to be a nightmare for the RedHawks offense. JHS continues to be a standout not long for Bloomington.

Malik continued his beyond his years debut for the Hoosiers with 21 minutes on the court in this one. During that time he was able to again utilize his expert level fundamentals for 10 points on the night. Adding 4 rebounds and 3 assists, Malik continued to show that our rotations depth is going to be a problem for the opposition.

Jordan Geronimo continued to exhibit his superior athletic abilities in this one. He continues to look like the veteran presence of the second unit. Setting a tone of strength and toughness in that squad that doesn’t allow the opposition a moments rest. Whether it is the Hoosier first squad or the second, if you want points in the paint, you are going to have to put in some serious work for them.

The Indiana shooting continues to show that it has been addressed and had to have been a paramount focus of this off season’s training regiment. Indiana shot 33% from beyond the arc tonight. While shooting 49.2% from the field as a whole. 88, 101, 81, 86. Indiana is starting this season scoring the ball at an incredibly impressive clip. Of course defenses will only continue to get better and better, but I also believe that this Hoosier offense can continue to develop right in turn. Excited to see what playmakers continue to make their presence known this season.

It was interesting to hear that Trey Galloway was out today, whatever ails the young man, hope he is able to return back quickly and begin contributing again to the incredibly fun to watch Hoosiers of this year. With Trey out in this one, CJ Gunn was asked to carry more minutes. I was very excited to see our freshman step up and up and be able to hold down his spot on defense competently enough. I figured this would be the factor potentially limiting his minutes. The more and more experience that CJ can get early in this season, the better. The closer and closer we get to March the more and more shooting we will need. CJ Gunn’s game has me very excited to see what he will eventually be able to do in the candy stripes. CJ ended his night with a stat line of 5 points and 2 assists. Alright if you ask me, for a freshman with a ton of potential moving forward. Was great to see not only CJ get some time but also Kaleb Banks, who quickly made himself known draining a three when given some time to play.

Thanks for taking the time to read these (really) short thoughts of one Hoosier fanboy. Like to get this out before having to crash to hit the 8-5 tomorrow. Have a great week Hoosier fans. Mike Woodson has reestablished a pride in this program that was lacking under previous leadership. With a tough test in the form of a two game weekend, the Hoosiers continue to show us that this year, they mean business.



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