Jeff and the Colts fall to Jalen’s late game heroics (Colts Week 11 short thoughts)

Nick Sirianni came back to Lucas Oil as the Eagles were able to pull out the 17-16 victory over the Colts. After struggling most game, Jalen Hurts was able to deliver the Eagles the lead with 1:20 left in the game on a 8 yard Touchdown run.

The Colts defense played very well in this game. All you can ask of your defense is to give your offense a chance to win the game. The Indianapolis Colts’ offense had plenty of opportunities to win this game today and were unable to do so. Jalen Hurts tallied 190 yards passing on 18 of 25 completions. Where Jalen Hurts made the difference was, no surprise, on the ground. He ended the day with 86 yards on 16 carries, highlighted by his game winning play.

Jeff Saturday said of the game “Ultimately, they made one more play than we did. I thought our defense was playing good, good enough to win.”. I mean he said it all right there. The high caliber Eagles were able to pull the final rabbit out of their hat and escape Lucas Oil with the win.

The offense began to backslide again in this one for the Indianapolis Colts. When you hold this Philadelphia roster to under 20 points, you need to be able to have more offensive production than the Colts were able to provide. The offensive line came out of the half flat as they have the rest of the season. After not allowing a sack in the first half, the Indianapolis Colts offensive line took a break for the half and failed to bring back the same intensity in the second half.

The Indianapolis Colts offense is broken (nothing new there). There are playmakers in each level of this offense, and yet nothing has worked. Honestly, I’m happy not to be the one tasked with figuring out where the Colts go from here. Chris Ballard has one of the most perplexing situations in the NFL happening in Indianapolis. The product on the field does not speak to the talent on paper. While it’s a tough ask, it’s his job to figure this out. While it’s not time for an entire year down, the offense needs a decent shake up before next season. Whether it is yet another QB, the offensive line putting it upon themselves to live up to their paychecks, whatever it is… something needs changed.

In my personal, unprofessional, and biased opinion it may be time to commit to finding the franchise. Matt Ryan isn’t the future of the franchise, no way around it. In this upcoming draft a top arm needs to be selected. This offense needs a spark plug and it’s going to take a drastic change. The half decade experiment of rejected QB shuffling year in and year out simply has not worked. That needs to come to an end. Find the guy this year that we intend to move forward with for the next decade. It’s risky in the eyes of Ballard, sure. But it is what it is going to take to bring a Super Bowl back to Indianapolis.

22 carries for 84 yards is by no means a Jonathon Taylor stat line to be expected. The offensive line’s inabilities to gain any ground at the line of scrimmage this season has crippled the potential for a huge statistical season from Jonathon Taylor. While he was selected first in most fantasy leagues, unfortunately not many owners anticipated the Colts offensive line showing up to

While the Colts offensive line has been down bad all year. They do look better under Jeff Saturday than they did under Frank Reich. While they let the Colts down in the second half, they performed adequately against an improved Eagles defense in the first. And honestly Colts fans should welcome “adequate” protection with open arms. Back to the quote I referenced by Saturday. They were able to finish the game out and the Colts weren’t.

All in all, what’s next for the Indianapolis Colts? It was easy to buy back into the Colts following the Raiders game, but this was a tough opponent and while the nation was initially wary of Saturday getting the head coaching job, Jeff Saturday had the Colts in this until the end of this game. The visible improvement in the attitude of the team should be evidence already, to how ridiculous Bill was here…

I may be speaking out my tail when I say, really the intensely over-articulated system that is an NFL coaching staff doesn’t need another schedule maker, it needs someone to just set the tone and identity of your team. An identity that will trickled down into the personnel and the performance on the field. In his short time as interim head coach. I believe Jeff is doing just that. Who knows if it will be enough for him to sure up the position moving forward, but I think he has this teams mentality heading in the right direction, and that’s all any Colts fans can ask for following the abysmal ending of the Reich era.

Thanks for taking the time to read these short thoughts of an Indianapolis Colts fanboy. I just write and post my thoughts to pass the time between Colts and Hoosiers games. Check back in for more. Have a great week Colts fans!

For the Shoe!


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