Purdue wins Big Ten West and wins the Old Oaken Bucket (Indiana Football short thoughts)

Indiana came out in this game looking great! Following a huge field goal hold stop by the Indiana defense, followed by an Indiana Touchdown on the legs of Jaylen Lucas. Following another Indiana stop, Dexter was rolling out and then went down untouched. A sight that no fan wants to see, but many fans know what it means. Tom Allen stated that it was not a torn ACL, but it is still obviously serious.

Following the injury, Purdue took the reins and never gave them back. The Boilermakers dominated the second half and were able to beat the Hoosiers 30-16. Ending the Hoosiers’ painful season by taking the Bucket back to West Lafayette.

Of course Charlie Jones was the Boilermaker to be the difference in this one. Jones is such an incredibly dynamic big play threat. He had only 4 receptions in Bloomington. But in those 4 receptions, he amassed 143 yards and a touchdown. He came into Bloomington looking to piss off a crowd of Hoosiers and did just that.

Aiden O’Connell was able to pick apart the Indiana Hoosiers’ secondary going for 18-29 290 yards. Heartbreaking to hear of his brothers passing just following this one. While I never root for Purdue success. I do wish the O’Connell family sincere condolences. The loss of a brother, son, or just a friend is far heavier than any of this stuff. Thoughts and prayers to them all.

Once Bazelak entered the game, Indiana’s gameplan moving towards the future looked more and more clear to take. As the game continued to take the shape of the games we’ve been watching all season, it became more and more clear that the Hoosiers need a mobile quarterback next year. Of course we need to sure up the offensive line, but there’s no way around the fact that their needs to be a dual threat under center next year. If he isn’t currently in Bloomington, time to hit the transfer portal HHHHAAAARRRRRDDDD and get one.

Even in Indiana’s best seasons with Tom Allen, it still hasn’t been enough. It hasn’t been enough to bring the seismic shift in program stability and program importance that so many of the Indiana football fans wanted. Whatever it’s going to take, it will be a long offseason for the Hoosiers who will need to work tirelessly to get things in order for next season. Each season Tom Allen gets closer and more realistically able to be fired, if next season’s Big Ten season looks to go the same way next season, I don’t know if he makes it after that December 2023 buyout decline.

Credit to the fans who came out to the game Saturday. My family and I parked in front of Assembly Hall and it was a really great Bucket Game environment. The crowd was far more full than I had thought it would have been. I also expected far more Purdue fans. While they were a plenty, I thought Bloomington may have been flooded with Purdue playing for a Big Ten Championship bid. But it wasn’t the case. The Hoosier Faithful showed up and supported. Great to see.

Purdue got out of Bloomington with their second bucket game win in a row and find themselves playing for the Big Ten Championship. And as for the Indiana Hoosiers…. It’s Portal time. Time to reshuffle a lot in Bloomington.

Well Indiana Football fans. That’s a wrap on the season. I will be posting just a thoughts on the program’s overall season so keep an eye out for those. Now that we are onto basketball season, you can check out my posts on those here on flyoverwire.com. Give me a listen on the Often Daunted podcast. Anywhere you get podcasts. I’ll be posting an episode leading up to the North Carolina game, so keep an ear out for that tomorrow. Thank God it’s basketball season. Thank you for taking the time to read these short thoughts of an Indiana fanboy.



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