The Colts CamPAIN of Sadness continues. Tank time. (Colts Steelers postgame short thoughts)

The single most disappointing Colts season I can remember in some time trudges on as the Indianapolis get beat at home by the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-17. While the Colts entered this season with high hopes, the play of the offense has continued to wear out the hopes of those supporting the Indianapolis squad. This embarrassing home loss just exemplifies this season as a whole. Slow starts and self inflicted damage. Just the story of this season.

The Colts offense was terrible. The Colts offense came out and couldn’t put any semblance of a drive together. Our most substantial drive was a pass interference that only culminated in the Jonathon Taylor fumble. While the fanbase has usually been able to point to the offensive line, I don’t believe that was the case today. The offensive line looked respectable today, our weapons were just utterly able to produce.

The Colts were able to get it moving a bit but again our mistakes have been far too damaging to get wins in most of our matchup these seasons. It seems to not only be a case of what can go wrong will go wrong, but what can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time to go wrong. Just absolutely devastating self inflicted wounds found throughout this Colts’ season. Jonathon Taylor has been playing great as a whole, but his mistakes have been timed so poorly that they have stood out substantially. That botched hand off between Matt Ryan and him is just a testament to this teams ability to hinder themselves.

The tremendously horrible clock management was astounding to me. I know Jeff should know better and when to utilize timeouts, but so should Matt!!! He’s the QB! He can call timeout no questions asked by our side. We brought him in for his experience. Experience should have told him to manage that more effectively as well. Just a total and utter mess of incoordination under the bright lights of Monday Night Football.

The Colts lone offensive bright spot was Jelani Woods. That young man is a great receiver and his immediate development into one of our team’s most reliable hands has been awesome to see. Chris Ballard, great evaluator of talent, maybe not strategic team building.

The Colts defense showed up and played incredibly normal. While our defense has provided some truly great performances in many of these losses where the Colts just couldn’t buy a yard of offense, they looked a little flat in this one. But who can blame that side, each week the offense keeps thinking they’ll figure it out and each weekend the defense hands in an impressive performance, but still ultimately a losing one. That’s got to take it out of anybody.

While not much great can be said about this one. The offensive line were not as great a liability as they have been. Jeff Saturday has gotten this offensive line slowly trending in the right direction. I don’t need Jeff Saturday to be the forever answer in Indianapolis. This Indianapolis fanboy just wants him to fix the situation at offensive line before we can draft a quarterback. I can’t be the only fan who’s all but resigned to the fact that the Chris Ballard Plug an aging QB and play strategy just isn’t working in Indianapolis. It’s going to take finding the franchise, one would have thought that following two tenures of great QB, the Colts would be more acquainted with the idea of finding the QB and the rest falling into place. Build the offensive line, that at this point is paid far too much to try to move, and get it ready to protect a young arm. I don’t see any way around the utter rebuild offensively heading towards Indianapolis.

Time to start gearing up for the draft Colts fans. Right now at 4-7-1 the Colts find themself with the 14th pick in the draft. With plenty of time left to lose, while I want the Colts offensive line to figure it out and sure themselves up, I don’t really want them to do much more winning. This Colts team, barring divine intervention this Colts team will never be a Super Bowl contender. My hopeless fanboy heart must finally be honest with itself. As we have to start our prior two QB tenures of dominance, the Colts need to draft a QB and make him the franchise. You can say you can’t force it, but hey we’ve done it twice before haven’t we! Commit to the Tank! We are going to need to get closer to the top of draft day if we want to get a transcendent talent at the quarterback position.

I know you’re never coming back, but I’ll never not miss you.

Keeping these thoughts short today. Thank you for taking the time to read these short thoughts of a Colts fanboy. I just write on the teams I love to pass the time. Have a great day Colts fans.

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