“Get Right” doesn’t begin to describe this one. (Indiana Hoosiers recap vs the Huskers)

Final out of Bloomington: Indiana Hoosiers 81 – Nebraska 65

Following the abysmal showing in Rutgers, Indiana needed to get right. By all measure, they did just that last night. With Jalen Hood-Schifino out again for the Hoosiers, they were going to be tasked with again with finding an offensive rhythm without their best “straw” to stir the drink. Boy, did the Hoosiers find it at home in this one. Trayce’s historic night with a triple double was the only thing that could have possibly overshadowed Trey stepping up in a big way!

Trey absolutely filled a vacuum left by Jalen’s injury.

Trey Galloway got his second start in a row following the absence of Jalen again in this one, and he looked to provide Mike Woodson all evidence that he’s fully ready to step up to the starting rotation should the need come. Trey Galloway was doing it all. He had a total game. He got the Hoosiers scoring going with a pretty floater that are becoming pretty consistent in his game. He followed that up with a 3 pointer to bag the Hoosiers’ first 5 points of the game. Trey was absolutely fire flames hot for the Hoosiers in that first half. He kept this going and provided the Hoosier backcourt with the presence and gas to carry them toward a commanding victory in this one. Stepping up in a huge way, Trey ended the night with a career high 20 points. He delivered today.

Tamar Bates contributed in a big way, giving the Hoosiers 19 of their 23 points off the bench. He went 5 for 8 from 3. Showing Hoosier fans the shooting is there. And just as this biased fan suspected the Rutgers game was a statistical anomaly. We are just fine. Great night for Tamar who continues to show that the Hoosiers may just be HIS team next season.

But, while that may be next season, this is this season. And this season is TJD’s. Our captain became one of three Hoosiers ever to get a triple double. He ended the night with 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. As the Husker interior collapsed on Trayce, he found the open shooters, and those shooters were sinking them. Just a great performance from the example to follow in Bloomington. He made it look pretty effortlessly, as the triple double seemed to be sneaking up on fans. Happy that Trayce gets another accolade and honor earned in Assembly Hall. Tack in on the legacy.

Race started his night with a 3 from range. You could really see the whole Hall exhale in relief on behalf of our guy! He ended the half with the transition finish as everything was coming up Hoosiers in that first half. He ended his night with 9 points and 6 rebounds.

Malik showed grit on a first half assist to Trayce for the And 1. He muscled through toward the base line while retaining the composure to find the (somewhat) open man. Following this he was quickly benched the remainder of the first half after picking up 2 fouls. Following that, he was never really able to get his night started, ending with 4 points. Although, that was shooting 2 for 2. So good on the young man! I fully expect Malik to be a crucial part to Indiana’s success in Vegas.

Miller Kopp followed up his big night in the Rutgers game, playing his role perfectly in this one. Miller’s been a revelation and has been shooting as well as any of us could have hoped. He went 6 for 11. While he was colder from three, he still hit some huge shots and delivered the Hoosiers 12 points tonight.

There were more lazy turnovers than a Hoosier fan would have liked to see. Far too often there are passes made with little to no intention behind them. If it isn’t an alley oop no need to lob it. Arizona and Kansas will take full advantage of every opportunity they get against us if we give them turnovers and opportunities for easy points in transition. Just look to address these and hope we can build off the big play within the other facets of the game.

The Hoosiers made up for their lazy showings on the glass against the Scarlet Knights. They were able to outrebound the Cornhuskers thoroughly in this one 35 to 24. The Hoosiers’ made physicality a point of emphasis and it paid off. The Defense was able to hold the Nebraska Cornhuskers to 42% shooting, 26.1% from 3. While CJ Wilcher fought his hardest to keep the Huskers in it (7 for 13, 22 points), ultimately the Hoosiers were not going to lose at home tonight.

While Xavier wasn’t able to contribute for his usual output, he didn’t have to tonight. The team stepped up as a unit to deliver competent offensive production, we don’t need everyone on every night, not just yet. I expect Xavier to produce more against Arizona, but I really hope he doesn’t look to force it in response to tonight. I am confident he can come out the senior he is, and produce against the Wildcats.

The Hoosiers played a complete game on the offensive end, no better exemplified than Trayce’s triple double. With the rotation able to step up and contribute, as many of the Hoosier Faithful had hoped, this team looked really good, liiiikkkkeee reaalllyyy gooooooddd. Trey and Tamar showed that the offense can come from many points on this squad. When Rutgers had beaten down our team, they responded in quite possibly the best way they could have. Just a dominant performance, much needed to have our guys ready for Arizona and Kansas.

Thank you for taking the time to read these short thoughts of an Indiana Hoosier fanboy. If you’d like to give me a listen check out OFTEN DAUNTED podcast available everywhere you munch your podcasts. Recap on this one out now.




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