Jayhawks to highlight before the Indiana Hoosiers take it to them on Saturday.

I hate finals week. Hated it when I was taking the tests, hate it as an alumnus. This week long break gives Indiana fans so much time to let their mind run and with the loss against Arizona, I’m dying to see the Hoosiers hit the floor again. So while I will be posting my usual preview post Thursday for this one, I wanted to take a moment and shine a spotlight on a few players on Kansas to have circled come Saturday. So just some insight to where Kansas finds themselves.

On a tear of 3 wins following their first loss to Tennessee. With dominant wins over Texas Southern, Seton Hall, and Missouri. While none of those may end up being tournament teams, the Kansas Jayhawks are looking like they are playing some very great basketball right now. They have been destroying the spread in those 3 games and are decimating their opponents. Feeling confident, the Jayhawks will be chomping at the bit to get after the Hoosiers, some quality competition.

Jalen Wilson holds it down for the Kansas front court. The 6’ 8” forward is leading the high scoring Jayhawks in points. Because Kansas does not work exclusively in the post, they are going to be looking to take shots and they are very good at making them. While averaging 22.1 points this season and racking up 9.4 rebounds a game, Jalen is having an incredible year. He can shoot from anywhere on the court and will be a central focus of the Indiana defense. The 3 year starter is now a staple of the Jayhawks squad, and looks to be the pace setter for their teams’ emotion and on-court rythym.

It will take a full team effort to limit what Jalen can do to damage the Indiana Hoosiers. While Hoosier rebounding has been suspect from time to time this season, it will need to be on in full force to limit Wilson’s impact on the glass. The Jayhawk leader munches boards. It will take a conscious effort to make sure a body is assigned to the high leaping 6-8 Wilson. Here’s hoping Indiana’s up to the test.

Sophomore KJ Adams Jr. may be the scrappiest player in the Big 12 conference. Coming in as the 75th recruit in his class, KJ Adams is built like a linebacker. He is a lockdown defender who can hurt Indiana through effort alone. His physical play is taxing on any player matched up with him. Indiana’s front court will need to come to play and meet his intensity. Because when someone’s bringing that, those 50/50 boards tend to go more 70/30. I can’t stress enough how the Hoosiers will need to win the boards to win this one.

Grady Dick leads the Kansas backcourt in scoring output. A deadeye from 3 point range, Dick is shooting 46.6 from behind the arc. He’s going to make shots against Indiana, especially at home. Closing out and effecting each and every shot will be a top priority. Dick’s going to find his shots, just on the Indiana defense to provide anything to throw him off. While he has been a top shooter for the Jayhawks, his defense can leave some to be desired. Here’s hoping for every bucket he can get on us, we can exploit him on the other end and make up for it. Here’s hoping the long finals week, let’s call it a bye, has Jalen Hood-Schifino ready to go because the Indiana backcourt will have their hands full containing the high shooting backcourt of the Jayhawks.

With the long break before this matchup, I wanted to just post a highlight on 3 Kansas players to look out for. The Hoosiers need to bring an intensity to win the battle on the boards. Kansas could gouge us for second chance points if given the opportunity. I have full confidence in the Indiana defense to step up to the occasion and shut down a hot Kansas team.

Thanks for taking the time to read these short thoughts of mine. If you would like to give me a listen to check out the OFTEN DAUNTED podcast. I’ll be dropping a preview episode in preparation of this game Thursday. Have a great day Hoosier fans! Down with Kansas!



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