Pepsi Halftime show and Lil Dicky’s Quartertime show Reviews

It’s the one and only…

Go head on over to NFLs YouTube to check out the show.

This show was so freaking great!

Set design was stellar. The neighborhood was out for this show and the stage presented that. Really cool nod to Los Angeles urban culture throughout. Who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg. Not a single person. Martha Stewart gave him the stamp of approval for the white woman demographic. And who gives a shirt what some Ignorant racists may thing. This music speaks to anyone under the age of 50 and it’s here to stay.

As the first Hip Hop half time show I feel like they were really tame here just so as to not burn any future potential there. Which is smart and safe. A good move I’d say. Still just an awesome show top to bottom. Great stroll down memory lane of Hip Hop during my formative years.

Awesome getting to see 50 Cent drop down a la his breakthrough music video. Anyone ripping my boy saying he look bloated and sound old… to you I say let’s see how you look performing your banger at the Super Bowl halftime show 20 years after you dropped that shirt. Fuq outta here.

50 ladies and gentleman

Best entrance for sure goes to Kendrick Lamar. That was trippy and his freaking choreography game is next level. And it’s apparent in all of his videos as well as being on full display throughout his performance here.

Eminem. While his entrance looked like it was to be grander than it was presented on the show, he still killed it. Lose Yourself is an alltime go to banger. That song doesn’t miss.

Just really wish each of these guys had more time. Each of these artists (except Mary J. Blige, sorry) could carry a halftime show themselves. Should have had 2 of them. I mean Eminem and Kendrick alone is so awesome and each of them would have had more time to really get into and perform. But again the 5 artist thing may have been a way of helping break hip hop into getting to do this more often.

All in all not the greatest show of all time but pretty great. I’d say still behind Prince and Bruno Mars in my mind. Yeah sure, call me soft for the bruno mars call, but when he was channeling the ghost of James Brown I was all in! Shirt was fire!

God Lose Yourself is the best isn’t it.


Lil Dicky is an absolute genius. On every level. Music. Comedy. Drama. Business. Marketing. Dudes the whole package. That’s my review. Just really more of an observation.


My “Top 10 Super Bowl commercials” list unraveled into a reflection on the state of super bowl commercials.

This is ultimately a personal reflection. A personal reflection I am sharing with you.

I can’t believe it.

Nothing. Not a single commercial.

Not a single one has any charm or value in my personal opinion and if you argue for one I’m not going to hear it. You’ve just forgotten how good they were at one time.

Super Bowl commercials are done for. They no longer carry the same prestige as they have before. Unfortunately, the state of the super bowl commercial is in shambles compared to its previous glory. The quality of each advertisement and the humor or originality is entirely sliding on a downward trajectory year after year. And it is sad. I believe I also have the answer as to why this is the case. The culprit is the same catalyst for changes throughout our entire world, the mothaluvin’ internet.

Every company is looking to go viral now with their marketing. Meaning a lot of their online campaigns are their best and brightest advertising minds heading those. Without having to wait for the super bowl commercials ideas that may be reserved over the course of a year for THE Super Bowl commercial that year. Now can see just as many eyes on the internet as it can on super bowl Sunday, so there’s no need to reserve your best work for it.

Just from top to bottom, the state of commercials this year was sub par. I have to believe anyone under the age of 18 has to be like “what is these boomers obsession with commercials during the super bowl?”. The answer is at one point in time Super Bowl commercials were the highest form of art.

A commercial directed by Stanley Kubrik.

I mean the HIGHEST FORM.

All time ad

Jessie Bates III, the 260 and his home of Fort Wayne.

Listen this is basically a post just absolutely fanboying Jessie Bates III’s forearm ink. But before that I want to give some context to why I think it’s awesome.

I just wanted to take a moment to shine a light on Jessie Bates III and his awesome ink. The piece in particular is found on his forearm. Jessie grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The 260. Now, those of you not acquainted with the flyover reality, might think nothing of the little city I’ve called home for all my life (except for my time at IU). But, Fort Wayne is birthplace of more and more elite level athletes each year. The Summit Athletic Conference that serves the city as the premier high school conference, cranks out both NFL and NBA talent regularly.

Jessie Bates III attended Snider high school, Fort Wayne’s largest and most consistently competitive program. Apart from my small alma mater of Bishop Luers High School and our rival Bishop Dwenger, Snider claims the most SAC titles.

Anyone not from Fort Wayne wouldn’t get it. High school football in this city is king. It’s on some Texas scale intensity for the more successful programs. So, someone who finds success in Fort Wayne, can definitely come to love it. Just wanted to give a little background to Jessie Bates home town before describing the tattoo.

On the Tattoo outlined by the state of Indiana we see 4 major items. Let’s break them down.

The Building

This building in the tattoo is the Allen County Court House.

Another protest taking place outside the Allen County Courthouse – WOWO  1190 AM | 107.5 FM
Found in the heart of downtown, and a stones throw from the main street of night life in Fort Wayne, the courthouse has stood as the center of the city since 1902. The stonework found along the side of it is some actually great work. I graduated with a history degree from Indiana so old buildings get me going, but I really dig this icons place in Bates’ sleeve.

The Cheeky Apple

The smart ass apple found within the outline of Indiana on the tattoo is the logo of the local single A team, the Fort Wayne Tincaps.

Minor League Baseball has the absolute best logos and nicknames. It’s the reason I have a minor league hat collection.

Now when you hear single A. I can see you writing a team off. But this is consistently voted the #1 minor league experience in the country. Fort Wayne, being the unnoticed gem it is sprung for a world class facility for our team.

Also, every thursday is dollar beers. So…. Yeah. It gets to be a pretty great time, in a pretty packed stadium. Let that sink in you coastal dipshits…. $1 for a beer. EVERY THURSDAY. I’m just fine here everybody!

The Snider Script

Snider High School
This again is Snider High School. The powerhouse where Jesse Bates III developed his game, lays claim to 17 Summit Athletic Conference titles.
Jessie Bates - Hudl
^Bates III

The 69

I don’t really know what this is about…..

Just playing. I-69 is the highway to pretty much anywhere from Fort Wayne. A sign that this man was going places.

Love to see my hometown get love whenever I can. REEAALLLLYYYY love to see my hometown get love during Super Bowl week. Here’s rooting for Jesse Bates III and the Bengals next weekend!


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