Kid Cudi calls Kanye West “whack”, thank God someone’s saying anything to this tyrant.

Last week, Ye said his collaborator (whom he released a 2018 album with under Kids See Ghosts) would not appear on ‘Donda 2’ due to his friendship Davidson, who is dating his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. West posted a handwritten note to Instagram last Saturday (February 12), sharing the news with his fans. “Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on Donda because he’s friends with you know who,” it read. “You know who” appeared to refer to Davidson. Cudi responded to Ye on Twitter, saying that the pair had “talked weeks ago about this”. “You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet,” he tweeted. “You ain’t no friend. BYE.”

Charlotte Krol, NME

Just the latest in the Kanye stuff there. Just my thoughts on Kanye’s circus at the moment from here on out. Ye is absolutely poppin off and it’s actually sickening to witness. I was originally like he is just mentally ill, a musical savant, but a mentally ill one. And I almost felt guilty talking smack about how he is handling all this… that time is way passed.

Kanye West… GenYus artist. Garbage human.

What an absolute loser. He’s making very serious threats against people half his age. I think people are quick to forget just how old Kanye West is, and how old Pete Davidson is for that matter too. I mean guys. Kanye been putting stuff out for decades now. The man is 45. Pete Davidson has been around in the public conscience for a few years too. But, we need to remember that when he was first introduced into the Saturday Night Live cast he was a mere 20 years old. Guy got the job comedians would straight up murder a small village for before he could get a beer. Bananas.  He’s also throwing shade to Billie Eillish, who’s under half his age. Not only that his age and years in the game have allowed him to amass fans from multiple generations putting him at the very top of American celebrity. So he is just an absolute lover for how often he is punching down.

That’s straight up pathetic Ye… come on man. Quit punching down!!! Not saying they aren’t as talented as you, just saying Kanye has been able to amass a following over the years that has snowballed into the monster we are all witnessing now.

Kanye tweeted out this 4th grade computer class project earlier this week. Again. Grow up.

If you aren’t worried about these youngins he’s hurling legitimate threats at, worry about his actual youngins. Kanye West is going to be straight up scarring his kids with this stuff. It breaks my heart to think how these kids have to be concerned and scared. Their parents are an absolute mess and one of them is making death threats on Mommy’s friend Pete. It’s so childish what he is doing. So selfish it’s honestly bonkers.

Why do we think its okay to just watch this play out? Honestly someone could get hurt or worse at this point. Kanye does have some fans who worship the ground he walks on, and honestly that in itself is sad. I get it, separate the art from the artist but this is getting out of hand. Its so weird that no one is stepping in or their havent been restraining orders thrown down. Which doesnt even really matter because the VERY REAL THREAT of a dumbass fan going nuts and offing Pete Davidson is present man. And I want to state again… that is a VERY REAL POSSIBILITY!!!

It feels like everyone is just waiting for someone to step in, but it aint happening. Nobody is giving it back to him and thats why even this small act of resilience against Kanye from Cudi is on my radar. It’s the first time someone he has in his circle finally told him he’s done with all the Kanye mess. I loved Kid Cudi finally standing up to him earlier this week with his “dinosaur” response too.

The craziest thing is he doesn’t have a single real one in his life. He doesn’t have a buddy or blood that will tell him to slow his roll. Just a bunch of yes man. Everyone in his camp should be downright ashamed.

Kanye. Your 44 dude. Grow up.

Kid Cudi, you the man.

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