Mike Woodson is showing us he can recruit. Now it’s time to prove he can develop. Short Thoughts on Jordan Geronimo.

Jordan Geronimo ended last season showcasing some of his superb athletic capabilities. Through the Big Ten Tournament and into the First Four game, Jordan began displaying bits of his potential. While he wasn’t getting any starting lineup love, he was given prominent minutes in our tournament run, including the Big Ten Tourney). Jordan Geronimo’s 15 pts against Wyoming were essential in locking up and validating our tournament bid in that First Four game. He has showed hints of truly elite and dominant play. But has yet to string it all together for any substantial amount of time. His raw ability and athleticism are present. I believe he just needs to tighten up his game and grow in consistency, and this 2022-2023 Hoosier squad that is beginning to take shape is just the team to do that on.

Whenever I reflect on our more recent teams I often find myself comparing them to the teams that I was most familiar with, the teams that were playing in the Hall during my time on campus (2011-2015). Which in the context of wanting to see a raw talent blossom into an NBA talent, may be unfair to Jordan, because I was consistently in the Hall to witness Oladipo’s development into the second pick in the NBA draft after entering Indana University as a 3-star recruit out of the DMV.

That being said, I genuinely believe there is a chance that the Jordan Geronimo we see next season could be a shocking surprise to those not on watch for it. In my personal, and very biased opinion, Jordan Geronimo can absolutely improve to an elite level by next season’s tip.

This will be Jordan Geronimo’s 3rd season within the Indiana Hoosier’s program, his 3rd season training in Cook Hall and its many resources. I feel it in my bones, this is the year that Jordan Geronimo takes the jump. Pure conjecture here, but he sees that more and more talent coming in means less and less minutes up for grabs. The frame and game is there for Geronimo, he now needs to work to sharpen his strengths and address his weaknesses. This offseason could potentially be career defining for Geronimo.

With Malik Reneau and Jalen Hood-Schifino already well acquainted with each others’ game and tendencies, much of those being shaped by Montverde’s pick and roll oriented offense, I think they can easily fold into whatever scheme Mike Woodson comes up with. This offense stands to be moving with a rhythm and tempo that has been lost in Bloomington for quite sometime now.  This is going to open up the floor, and not allow defenses to simply target our one producer in a given night, an occurrence that seemed all too familiar with anyone watching the second half of last season. These new opportunities allow guys to develop, by allowing hot streaks to play out. It’s in those hot streak moments where guys start to see what they can truly do on the court. It’s about getting as many of these guys to believe that they can go off at any moment by tournament time. The confidence truly bleeds into the player’s game and onto the court. I think a more fluid offense will help enforce this confidence for each player across the board.

If Jordan Geronimo can take this offseason to fill up the tank, gain some more muscle, work on that jump shot, and see that his game is going to be best used banging at the rim. I could see him being a key piece in our starting lineup by March. While shooting will be key, we’ve seen that from time to time he can still shoot. Again the guy has shown glimpse after glimpse of his potential. He just now needs to put it all together.

He needs to be the focus of moments like these.

Mike Woodson is showing that he can recruit. Now it’s time for him to show that he can develop. This will be Mike’s year ro prove that he can take the guys he’s getting and make them even better. This offseason for him will be crucial for the development of the program as a whole. If he is able to invest enough into Jordan Geronimo’s development, I think he stands to gain a rather impressive feather for his cap.

This article was written by a total biased fan boy. Just writing to pass the time until he can sit back and watch the candy stripes get back at it in Assembly Hall. Pure conjecture. Pure anxiety therapy.


Why you shouldn’t be too worried about Trayce Jackson declaring for the draft. Short Thoughts.

No reason to go scorched Earth yet people. This is all part of the process for a guy in the position that TJD finds himself in. While many are freaking out that there goes another leaving, there is no reason to be seriously worried that Trayce won’t play for the Hoosiers just yet. While throwing his name into the draft may seem like his exit from Indiana to those unfamiliar with the process, I personally don’t believe he is all in on the draft just yet.

This is all Trayce Jackson-Davis jockeying himself for the best possible position after next season. While he declared this year, he has up until June 1 to back out and retain his eligibility. But having declared allows for him to workout with NBA programs and attend the combine next month. Doing all of this allows Trayce to get insight into where he stacks up talent wise, but more importantly gives him critiques to his game straight from the people drafting in today’s NBA. These workouts will be essential towards Trayce finding out just what he needs to address in his game to prepare for the league next year.

Who can blame him. If he’s still able to retain his eligibility and participate in pre draft activities, what is there to lose for him? I imagine he will continue to work out with the team and use the Indiana facilities and when he’s not he may be training with some elite NBA trainers and others that will definitely aid him and tell him exactly where he stands to improve in order to maximize his potential. By doing this process this year, and even attending the combine, he will be able to learn even more about the draft process. A practice draft for yourself isn’t a bad thing to have.

We need these two both steering this ship next season!

I don’t believe there is any way that we stand to lose Trayce next season. Trayce Jackson-Davis doesn’t seem to be on many mock drafts as of late, and he and his corner are well aware of this. No way they would put him in anything other than his best possible situation. And all things considered, Indiana is just that! Indiana by all barometers (albeit not very calibrated in the days of NIL deals) Indiana stands to be a team on the national radar next year. With young talent coming in, and a wide open transfer portal Indiana could put a mean team on the floor with Trayce at the helm.

Trayce knows how much Indiana fans love him and I think he’s one of the few guys on the squad that truly gets how prestigious a role, and how great an opportunity they have playing for the Hoosiers. He still stands to make more at Indiana under the Name Image and Likeness deals than he does playing in the G League. While I believe Trayce has NBA talent, and while I may be biased, I would think he wants to take this final year to put it all together with a contender and boost his profile playing on a hyped up Hoosiers team.

All of this to say, I do not speak for TJD! Whatever his next year holds I’ll be following it for sure… but man I really, really hope it’s in Assembly Hall. Trayce Jackson-Davis has absolutely earned his pinstripes in Bloomington. Here’s to his future and here’s to it hopefully being as the chief of the Indiana Hoosiers next season.

Looking forward to tons of “I’m Coming Home” tributes when he announces a return.

That song’s an absolute tune.


Domantas Sabonis has huge game in debut for the Kings. Now trade Myles Turner.

A new era of basketball is upon the Kingdom as Sacramento debuted its newest additions in their recent blockbuster trade resulting in a 132-119 victory on Wednesday night.

Former Indiana Pacers Domantas Sabonis, Justin Holiday and Jeremy Lamb were available to play in the Kings’ second consecutive contest hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves, and it was the first chance for this fanbase to see the latest acquisitions take the floor in the purple and black.

Alvin Gentry rolled out a starting five of De’Aaron Fox and Holiday at the guard position, while Harrison Barnes, Chimezie Metu spread at the wing spot while Sabonis snagged the center position. After missing last night’s contest, Richaun Holmes was active for Sacramento – many speculating he might be the next domino to fall in this trade-heavy week.

One thing Sabonis brought to the table immediately was a high-level vision. Fox found him for an easy dink and dump in the opening seconds of play, gifting Domas with this first bucket in a Kings’ uniform. From the jump, the big man was able to flex his elite passing capabilities with ease – facilitating in a brand of fast-paced play where Metu was the primary beneficiary of with ten first quarter points off Sabonis’ dimes. In what was set up to be an exciting night, Sabonis finished with 22 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists.

-Marina Drab, Sactownroyalty.com SBNATION

credit: clutchpoints.com

What An unreal stat line for Sabonis in his first game as a Sacramento King. I normally would not even think about writing a Kings blog, but this one is needed. As it seems half of the kings today were Pacers yesterday. 22 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 assists is a huge game for the all-stars debut. While it does break my heart to see him go, I realize it was necessary. The pacers are bad, like really bad, like pppppaaiiinnnnfffuuullllllyyyy bad. This is due to a lack of any sense of an identity.

The team needs to rebuild, and while under the ownership of Herb Simon, this seems to be the most aggressive the Pacers have ever been towards a total tear-down rebuild. Something needed done in Indy to position ourselves to really capitalize on this year’s potentially top 5 pick.

In order to make any of this worth is unfortunately we need to deal Myles Turner today, deal him in a package with Buddy Hield and you can get some serious draft equity and set ourselves up to compete. I was and still am waiting for the rest to blow up.

Say what you will about the Indiana Pacers, but we really are a stable organization. We are stably in the 2nd tier of the NBA from year to year, but still stable. The last 2 decades it seems the Pacers have put together some really good teams. While really good teams are fun and all, I would easily trade 10 really good years for 1 year with an NBA title. We need a soft reboot if we are ever going to be able to compete for NBA Championships.

I commend the Pacers for actually pulling the trigger on this trade instead of just second guessing ourselves into missing the shot to make the deal. I am still hoping that by 3 pm today we have dealt Myles Turner and Buddy Hield to Toronto for Dragic, some light contracts ,and some serious draft picks. This trade would push Toronto closer to seriously competing this year by adding both interior defense and shooting. Two very important aspects of basketball wouldn’t you say? Make it happen!


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