Aaron Rodgers is Still Leaving Green Bay. Here’s Why:

After the 49ers beat the Packers in the playoffs, speculation started stirring as to where Aaron Rodgers would be playing next season. It felt likely that the super bowl winner would be leaving the team that drafted him. As fans everywhere got excited for his announcement, Rodgers played all of us like a fiddle. Rodgers made every fan look at their QB1 and wonder “What if Rodgers was our guy next year?” I for sure wondered this myself. . It made sense that Rodgers was leaving. He was unhappy. The Packers salary cap is going to explode. Jordan Love is next up. Rodgers and Adams are getting cryptic on Instagram. I thought Rodgers could take a team like the Steelers, Broncos, or Colts to the next level. Contrary to all the conjecture, Rodgers turned out to be the bigger man and made amends with Green Bay.


Rodgers still has his sights on leaving the Frozen Tundra. I do not believe that Rodgers would go through all this drama over the course of the season, just to resign for an insane contract, a contract worth 200 million dollars for four years. I don’t buy it. Aaron Rodgers is a petty man. This is the same man that has not spoken to his family in five years. This guy can hold a grudge and you can’t blame him for being upset. Green Bay lacked appreciation for the back-to-back MVP. Aaron Rodgers does not forgive and forget, and I believe that he will be leaving Green Bay sooner than expected.  

Here’s Why: 

After his season ended, Aaron Rodgers took some time to reflect about his options. This time was spent doing weird diets, cleanses, and meditation techniques that have made Aaron Rodgers sort of a hippie. You have to be a hippie with that man bun. A hippie that values relationships and friendships more than prior. This is the case because Rodgers was quick to make his announcement before free agency would start. This was with respect to the front office and to his teammates because it would help everyone plan for free agency. His meditation may have changed his moral compass, but Rodgers may have found a loophole in the system that would benefit everyone involved in this situation. 

What’s Gonna Go Down: 

By signing with Green Bay, Rodgers is getting PAID for the next four years. While the Packers have a severely low salary cap available, it feels as if that franchise is eventually going to have to rebuild soon. As the Packers continue to kick the can, it feels like they could know something that no one is considering:

Rodgers is going to be traded this year or next in a package deal with Davante Adams.


Rodgers and Adams are one of, if not, the best WR/QB duo in the league and they have developed a strong relationship. Rodgers does not want to give up his number one target and would like to continue to play with Adams after his franchise tag is up. Aaron Rodgers’ newfound respect of respect will help the Packers rebuild. free the Packers’ cap, give them one last playoff run, allow Rodgers to get PAID, and Adams and Rodgers can continue to be buddies on the same team. Since this would benefit the Packers, I imagine that Rodgers would get final say in where he would like to play next season.  

Coming from a Colts fan, I was hopeful to get Rodgers. I may seem in denial about Rodgers staying, but it seems more likely that a trade is near. Aaron Rodgers wants to negotiate his own trade and the packers are letting him do that with Davante Adams. With Jordan Love’s rookie contract ending before Aaron Rodgers’ new one, the Packers front office is going to have to make a decision regarding their cap space. Will they continue to kick the can or start the rebuilding process? 

Michael Pittman Jr. named Colts’ most improved player this season by Pro Football Focus

Pittman Jr., who finished with 88 receptions for 1,082 yards and six touchdowns, was named the Colts’ most improved player Feb. 17 by Pro Football Focus, edging out Taylor and the likes of linebacker Bobby Okereke and cornerback Isaiah Rodgers for the distinction. A second-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft out of Southern California, Pittman Jr. emerged as a true No. 1 receiver under head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Marcus Brady in his second year in the NFL.

Josh Carney, si.com
Hops bruh. Hops.

I gotta say, not the obvious choice. But I’d say probably the best choice. I mean don’t get me wrong Jonathon Taylor had one of the greatest seasons of all time *Kanye voice*, but we all new last year JT23 was a stud. So I like them not choosing him outright. And, while really observing the Indianapolis Colts you can see why Pittman got the nod.

Pittman definitely took a leap forward in his game from last year. A 1,000 yard season is nothing to scoff at. I mean, we all knew he had special talent last year, as we all saw small glimpses of it from time to time. These glimpses have been snowballing in order to present themselves more and more each and every Sunday. While his stats improved significantly, it’s his impact on the other aspects of the game that have also begun to really shine. His growth has demanded more attention from opposing secondaries. When more and more attention is spent on 1 receiver, the rest of that receiving corp gets less and less defensive attention. Now its just a matter of getting someone to aid Michael Pittman some help in the form of a receiver who can truly capitalize on this lessening attention.

This continuing development of Michael Pittman’s game is essential to the success of the Colts’ offense this coming season. In Pittman, I believe we’ve found our 3rd down receiver. He will need to become a certified target man that demands double team attention if we want to have the rest of the field open. Like opening the deep ball if the Colts’ are able to go get the deep threat they so desperately need. His continuing development won’t only make his game better, but the game of everyone else around him better as well. While Wide Receiver remains a top priority for Chris Ballard and the Colts’ front office, we can see that we’ve got half of that position figured out when we drafted Pittman. Now its just a matter of getting the deep threat and support guys that we want.

You’ve got to love Michael Pittman Jr. getting his shine. His work over the last two years has really paid off and his game is improving each and every day it seems. Only problem is now with Carson Wentz all but out the door, the Indianapolis Colts don’t know who is our deep threat to capitalize on Michael Pittman’s attention grabbing game, we also don’t know who will be trying to throw those deep threats and 10 yard targets to Michael Pittman Jr. Time to get this figured out and really show out next season. Ballard’s job may depend on it.

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