Jessie Bates III, the 260 and his home of Fort Wayne.

Listen this is basically a post just absolutely fanboying Jessie Bates III’s forearm ink. But before that I want to give some context to why I think it’s awesome.

I just wanted to take a moment to shine a light on Jessie Bates III and his awesome ink. The piece in particular is found on his forearm. Jessie grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The 260. Now, those of you not acquainted with the flyover reality, might think nothing of the little city I’ve called home for all my life (except for my time at IU). But, Fort Wayne is birthplace of more and more elite level athletes each year. The Summit Athletic Conference that serves the city as the premier high school conference, cranks out both NFL and NBA talent regularly.

Jessie Bates III attended Snider high school, Fort Wayne’s largest and most consistently competitive program. Apart from my small alma mater of Bishop Luers High School and our rival Bishop Dwenger, Snider claims the most SAC titles.

Anyone not from Fort Wayne wouldn’t get it. High school football in this city is king. It’s on some Texas scale intensity for the more successful programs. So, someone who finds success in Fort Wayne, can definitely come to love it. Just wanted to give a little background to Jessie Bates home town before describing the tattoo.

On the Tattoo outlined by the state of Indiana we see 4 major items. Let’s break them down.

The Building

This building in the tattoo is the Allen County Court House.

Another protest taking place outside the Allen County Courthouse – WOWO  1190 AM | 107.5 FM
Found in the heart of downtown, and a stones throw from the main street of night life in Fort Wayne, the courthouse has stood as the center of the city since 1902. The stonework found along the side of it is some actually great work. I graduated with a history degree from Indiana so old buildings get me going, but I really dig this icons place in Bates’ sleeve.

The Cheeky Apple

The smart ass apple found within the outline of Indiana on the tattoo is the logo of the local single A team, the Fort Wayne Tincaps.

Minor League Baseball has the absolute best logos and nicknames. It’s the reason I have a minor league hat collection.

Now when you hear single A. I can see you writing a team off. But this is consistently voted the #1 minor league experience in the country. Fort Wayne, being the unnoticed gem it is sprung for a world class facility for our team.

Also, every thursday is dollar beers. So…. Yeah. It gets to be a pretty great time, in a pretty packed stadium. Let that sink in you coastal dipshits…. $1 for a beer. EVERY THURSDAY. I’m just fine here everybody!

The Snider Script

Snider High School
This again is Snider High School. The powerhouse where Jesse Bates III developed his game, lays claim to 17 Summit Athletic Conference titles.
Jessie Bates - Hudl
^Bates III

The 69

I don’t really know what this is about…..

Just playing. I-69 is the highway to pretty much anywhere from Fort Wayne. A sign that this man was going places.

Love to see my hometown get love whenever I can. REEAALLLLYYYY love to see my hometown get love during Super Bowl week. Here’s rooting for Jesse Bates III and the Bengals next weekend!


Pro Bowlers think that Jonathon Taylor should be League MVP, as his biggest fan I have to disagree.

“Rodgers or Brady for offensive MVP? How about neither?

We asked players to name their offensive and defensive MVPs for the 2021 season, and though the overall honor has been publicly debated between Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, neither won the players’ vote.

Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, who led the NFL with 1,811 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns, took that honor easily, getting eight votes, twice as many as any other player before the final ballot was cast. Rodgers took second with five votes, and Brady took third with three votes, with Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow next with two votes.”

-Greg Auman, The Athletic

Jonathon Taylor has been an absolute monster for the Indianapolis Colts, and this year has been an unquestionably historic outing for the every down back that any team would kill for. JT23 has come into the league and set it on fire behind the blocking of a tight knit line that can dominate the trenches when healthy and at full force.

All this being said, there is no way in hell I believe the writers award the MVP to Taylor and in all fairness I can’t blame them. I bleed blue and I have got to say there’s no way he actually deserves the MVP. Show him consideration as a nod for an undeniably historic and record setting season, but he can’t be given it.

The MVP is supposed to be the single most valuable individual to a teams success, with the degree of success also being considered. Jonathon Taylor is the best running back in the league in my opinion. He has a patience and slipperyness (that’s a word right?) that Derrick Henry doesn’t possess. They do play different games, but I’m taking Taylors game all day. The guy takes the softest hits. Somehow positions himself to be laid down like he’s being tucked in bed by momma each time he isn’t just evading or trucking someone. But that’s beside the point. MY POINT IS!!!! Jonathon Taylor, while the best running back in the league was also aided by a line full of potential HOFers. HOFers people. This must be considered.

In my honest opinion, the MVP award should go to Joe Burrow. This guy is going to drag the Bengals to a Super Bowl victory in spite of themselves. He has brought a swagger and attitude of winning to a franchise that was lacking any identity whatsoever. Joe Burrow is the Truth. He’s here to stay.

And Damn it… I wish he was a Colt.

Set phasers to… stunt.


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